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    SL-123R is the industry’s finest, field proven, heavy duty, high temperature, synthetic multi-purpose grease. SL-123R is designed for multi - use plant wide application for use in plain bearing , anti friction bearing and grease lubricated gear and couplings.
    1. Download Manual : SL-123 UNITHERM#00
    2. Download Manual : SL-123 UNITHERM#2

    Lubricant - SSF #8M - [OIL-GREASE SEMI-FLUID]

    SSF #8 is a unique synthetic semi-fluid lubricant containing a patented super slick colloid of fluorocarbon. The .02 miron fluorocarbon particles of SSF #8 will plate onto all surfaces and embed themselves to provide an extremely low coefficient of friction and high lubricity.
    1. Download Manual : SSF-8M FLUIDTHERM


    SL-M2 is a new superior synthetic grease. This grease has been formulated with molybdenum disulfide to obtain the optimum in anti-wear and extreme pressure qualities. It is practically neutral in PH and is extremely water –resistant. Therefore it is not affected by water (hot or cold) steam or most acids or salts.
    1. Download Manual : SL- M2 UNITHERM(MO)

    Lubricant - SL-HRPM

    SL-HRPM is the industry’s finest. Field proven. Synthetic high speed bearing grease. Sl-hrpm is designed for multi-use plant wide application for use all bearing speeds. In most plant operations this grease covers the Entire range. It has superior high temperature oxidation and thermal stability. Enabling long lubricant life and reducing maintenance frequency.
    1. Download Manual : SL-HRPM omnitherm#2

    Lubricant - SL-ASC980

    Coppertherm is a stable. Non-melting. High temperature anti-seize Compound formulated title a high concentration of pure copper Flaxes n a special carrier with inhibitors to protect and lubricate.
    1. Download Manual : SL-ASC980- COPPERTHERM

    Lubricant - SL-WPG - [WATERPROOF OF GREAS]

    SL-WPG is an outstanding synthetic lubricating grease for every phase of lubrication. Its performance is exceptional in the presence of water though definitely not limited to this type of application. It cannot be washed out, even when subjected to high RPM, boiling waters and extreme temperatures under 204oC (400oF).
    1. Download Manual : SL- WPG Aquatherm

    Lubricant - S - [MPO BEARINGTHERM]

    Sentinel S-MPO oil series are specially compounded synthetic oils to meet the needs of all types of industrial lubrication.
    S-MPO oils offers a superior combination of oxidation inhibitors to prevent sludging and deposit formation a high level of e.p. additives to meet severe wear protection requirements: foam suppressants to eliminate foaming: and finally a new polymer additive to arrest leakage and assure a strong bond to metal retention for maximum grip to all surfaces. It will not drip-out. Fling-out or run-out.
    1. Download Manual : MPO BEARINGTHERM

    GEAR OILS - S-75,S-80, S-90, S-90-140, Viscotherm -

    Sentinel special synthetic Hear Oils are multi-purpose specially compounded molybdenum disulfide gear lubricants formulated to provide superior film strength and extreme pressure properties. They are truly anti-friction, anti-wear, anti-leak, anti-foam gear oils.
    1. Download Manual : S-75,S-80, S-90, S-90-140, Viscotherm


    Sentinel’s Synthetic Air Compressor Oils (SCO Series) are specially compounded to give long, trouble-fee operation of air compressors and vacuum pumps, They are recommended for all reciprocating, rotary, centrifugal, lobe and screw type air compressors, either stationary or portable.
    1. Download Manual : SCO-30s COMPRESSORTHERM


    Sentinel ST wire rope lubricants are compounded with .02 micron particles of Telfon ® which provide exceptionally low frictional qualities with positive anti-wear protection. They are formulated to prolong the life of wire rope, support cables and sheaves, These lubricants have extreme pressure properties superior to heavy duty hear oil and greases.
    1. Download Manual : ST WR 2 Wiretherm 680


    SENTINEL’S CITRA-SOLV is a very duty cleaner and degreaser that will remove dirt, oil and grease from the surface easily. CITRA-SOLV is all natural , biodegradable, water rinsable, non-toxic, and non-caustic. CITRA-SOLV is used to clean knives, saw blades, tools, equipment, tables, painted surfaces, conveyors, hard surfaces, machinery, industrial equipment, material, handling equipment and electric motors.
    1. Download Manual : CITRA-SOLV