• FME Cabinets
  • Barriers
    - Caps , Plugs, Sponges & Floor Covering & FME Covers
  • Barrier Identification
    - FME Duct Tape, FME Flagging Device
    - FME Stickers, FME Tail, FME Tail- Stop Sign]

  • FME Cabinets

    Foreign Material Exclusion Kits and Cabinets
    A simple way to make sure you have everything you need for FME controls on a particular task is to get an FME cabinet or kit. Kits and cabinets make it easy to stay organized and ensure that you have all of the FME equipment for the job. Each kit has the necessary equipment for a specified task. Each equipment cabinet contains organized bins stocked with a variety of FME products intended to help you meet the basics of FME. A wide variety of cabinet sizes and stock varieties are available.


    Barriers are installed on any equipment as a means to prevent the entry of foreign material. They keep foreign material out of open components by physically blocking it. FME covers, magnetic sheets, plastic caps and plugs are all commonly used FME barriers. The variety of styles available allow you to cover almost any piece of vulnerable equipment around almost any work task. Even though we’re known for carrying stock on many items, we also provide some of the most knowledgeable custom creations in the industry. If you don’t see the style of cover you’re looking for in this section, please give us a call and we’ll create a custom solution for your needs.

  • Turbine Maintenance
  • Refueling Outages
  • Component Storage (Warehousing)
  • Electrical and I&C
  • Air Handling Units (Duct Work)
  • S/G (Primary and Secondary)
  • Manway Openings, Heat Exchanger, Condensers, Misc Openings
  • Piping, Tubing, Flanges
  • MSRs, Drywell, Suppression Pools
  • Large Vessels
  • Valves
  • Diesel Generators
  • Drains
  • Irregular openings
  • Barrier Identification

  • FME Duct Tape
  • FME Flagging Device
  • FME Stickers
  • FME Tail
  • FME Tail- Stop Sign